International inquiries

Who are we?

Our company was established in 2016 and by now we have created more than 10 000+ business partnerships with clients all over Europe. 
Our success over all these years has been down to one thing: satisfying all of the key, basic needs of our customers by offering the best prices, with the fastest, most reliable delivery and comprehensive customer service
Today, we are known as one of Europe's  leading sports nutrition distributor. 
We offer more than 40 of the worlds leading brands. Our partners are major stores, gyms and online retailers in over 23 countries across Europe.

Why choose us?

We guarantee that you will receive:

✔ The best prices - we can offer great prices for wholesale orders
✔ Customer support - our team is more than happy to assist you!
✔ Variety of products - more than 2000+ on stock

How can you make an order?

If you are based outside Bulgaria, please register to our english version website: https://protein4e.com/en

You will be able to see prices and information there.

If you have any questions, please contact us at office@protein4e.com

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